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Profile I create visuals; use images, line, color & text for definition. Blank canvases make me happy & my #2 weapon of choice is made of wood & lead.

I am Kingdom Bryant. Author, Visualist, Marketing Professional & Superhero.

Design is the only thing I trust.


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GTFOH — Kingdom Bryant - Facebook status
I know there’s probably a lesson in here somewhere, some moral fiber building something, or someone who’s in need of assistance - in an indirect independent movie type of way, but I’m f*ckin tired. — Kingdom Bryant - Facebook status

First everybody was a photographer.

Next they were all models. 

Eventually everyone thought they were rappers.

But now, everyone “owns” a clothing (read: t-shirt) line.

In each of those, the posers made it worse for those actually pursuing those career paths. 

so this is the title of the book that I am working on. it’s going to be a coffee table book of my images & words. I need this in my life. If i didn’t have projects like this I don’t know if i’d still be alive. this is purposeful for me. I don’t have much else. I was going to start a kickstarter for it or a gofundme (and I may still) but I would love to see how it comes about without it. the art is going to happen without the money, the money would just make the art bigger and more elaborate. And that’s kind of what I want. That thing, that feeling….I think I’ve been searching for it all this time. 

And on the worst days when it feels like life weighs ten thousand tons, I sleep with my passport, one eye on the back door so I can always run. I can get up, shower, and in half an hour I’ll be gone.”
— Frank Turner, “I Am Disappeared — Kingdom Bryant - Facebook status
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