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GPOY Wednesday July 30th. 

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The Things People Ask Me & Then Never Ask Again

  • P: Why aren't you in a relationship?
  • ME: Because people are ridiculous. I'm so much more attracted to the thought of someone than the actual person. Which is why I'd much rather just look at pictures of people, that way, I don't have to actually deal with them and any of their specific bullshit, or words, or likes, or dislikes, or sexual hangups, or idiosyncrasies. But yea, no... I'm good being single and having a hard drive.
  • P: But aren't you lonely?
  • ME: No, I'm actually thinking about how I can be alone right now.

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—Drunk In Love (JR Blender Reggae Remix)

*wind ya waist* 

Today 072914

You’re cheating yourself out of today. Today is calling to you, trying to get your attention, but you’re stuck on tomorrow, and today trickles away like water down a drain. You wake up the next morning and that today you wasted is gone forever. It’s now yesterday. Some of those moments may have had wonderful things in store for you , but now you’ll never know.” Jerry Spinelli - Love, Stargirl

I started a new journal series tagged “today” because life, to me, is just built up a of a series of todays and that’s all it will ever be.
I am unhappy with my body. I saw pictures from the company BBQ and no, I am not overreacting. While I know I’ve been brainwashed to think skinny - good, fat - bad and the higher the number the more fat you are, I need to lose weight. I am [confirmed] healthy, no high anything, nothing plaguing me, nothing needing to be treated (thank God), no diseases & I want to tell you it’s all a part of getting older but no. I need to buckle down and start this shit. It’s 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout. I’ve been working out like a madman for a number of years and while I know the results of my labors show - they just make me look like a behemoth. My best friend is thin and that’s okay for him, I just want to like my body and I will start today. I think tumblr is great for information. there are a lot of healthy recipes on here and regimens and I just need to take notice. 
I had a momentary lapse of loneliness. I wasn’t depressed this time. My brain took over which is surprising. (Remember I’m the first person to tell you that your brain is going to try and fill in gaps, assume things, jump to conclusions, judge things, and make sometimes unrealistic decisions based on the same unrealistic expectations. But for a while i’ve been trying to decode my brain, peel away the delusions and just be fucking real. And I’m getting there. people think I’m cold. And that’s okay, I am.) ANYWAY….it just was different. I wasn’t trying to fill an empty void this time, I figure I was just lonely for company. I knew when I was younger and I was playing outside alone that I had to create a world that was perfect for me to be alone in and that’s still what I am going to do. There’s no anger, no fuck love or any clause to hang it on. If I am going to be alone, I am not going to be sad about it. 
I recently played the Destiny Beta for PS4. I can describe it as a beautifully purposeful digital experience. I loved ever waking moment of it and can’t wait until 090914. It’s really bad that I’ve requested those days off already. Such a nerd. But it’s my thing & I enjoy it. 
I have a month to accomplish a couple of things. I will document them. Sometime last week I decided that I don’t care if anyone reads my blog or not. Again, this isn’t said with any anger or expectation. I just needed to realize that I’m not doing it for likes & reblogs*. This is my life and it’s happening regardless. If you do, thank you.